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How OneNote increases my productivity

ProductivityNext to Microsoft Outlook, OneNote has been my number one (okay, number two) productivity tool.  It saves me time, helps me be more organized and effective, and streamlines my processes for optimal efficiency.

Here is how OneNote has increased my productivity:

  • I know where exactly to look for everything since I keep everything, both personal and business related, in OneNote notebooks
  • Customer’s profiles are consistent and up-to-date – available when I need them
  • Training checklists are easy to mark off completed tasks ensuring everyone’s on track
  • Streamlined year-end procedures that can be sent to clients with one click of a button
  • Reference material is in one place – easier to locate
  • Links to affiliates and log-ins
  • Store all my passwords securely (in addition to RoboForm)
  • Medical records (password protected) are readily available for all family members
  • Distracting ideas can be jotted down quickly – freeing my mind to focus back on work at hand
  • Mission statement and vision board keep me going forward
  • Goals, strategies and tasks are followed through and have tags to help me locate them
  • Meal plans and grocery lists take almost no time to complete
  • All technology related information is stored in one place – from purchases and serial numbers to repairs and new software
  • Work summaries are created at the same time work is being performed – can be sent directly to clients
  • Product data and specs are all together for quick reference
  • Notes from webinars are in one place and can be searched for easy access (no more forgotten resources)
  • Home maintenance lists help ensure everything’s taken care of
  • Instructions are in one place so I don’t have to re-learn every time
  • Notebooks for books, blogs and journals assist in writing quickly as time allows
  • Screen prints of online content quickly gathers information (OneNote has a built in feature giving credit – referring to the site it was copied from)
  • Policies and procedures are dated and distributed as needed
  • Testimonials, certificates, benefits… all in one place to copy from for marketing purposes
  • Training manuals can be viewed, printed, or shared
  • Table of contents and search features makes finding anything in OneNote quick and easy!

The ways in which I use OneNote and how it increases my productivity is limited only to my time and creativity.  It has changed my business and my life – allowing me to go paperless, train more efficiently, and stay focused on completing the work, rather than keeping track of the work.

Replace those outdated 3-ring binders

We all have them.   3-ring binders that contain bank statements. Well, most of them anyway – except for the 3 months that are buried in paperwork somewhere on your desk.    Company policy manuals that should have been updated …. 2 years ago.   And of course, procedures that were written, but never used, even when a job was vacated or someone was out sick.


Replace those outdated 3-Ring Binders with OneNote!

It’s very difficult to keep those binders up to date… At least it used to be difficult.

OneNote to the rescue!

A notebook, for any of the above topics, created in Microsoft OneNote can be updated easily, quickly, and consistently.

Like a 3 ring binder, OneNote can have tabs (sections) and multiple pages.

The advantage of OneNote over 3-ring binders include:

  • Portability & Accessability.   OneNote can be shared, sent via e-mail, and accessed through your computer, the web and your mobile devices.
  • Security.  OneNote sections can be password protected so sensitive information is not available to those without clearance.
  • Unlimited Numbers.  With OneNote, you can have an almost limitless number of notebooks (binders), sections (tabs) and pages (sheets).
  • Space Saving.  With OneNote, all your binders are stored electronically, freeing up tons of shelf and file storage space.
OneNote can be a notebook or a 3-ring binder.

OneNote can be a notebook or a 3-ring binder.

Keep those 3-ring binders updated by transforming them into OneNote Notebooks today!

One of my favorite advantages of using OneNote… OneNote notebooks won’t collect dust.

What did I do before OneNote? plus… order your Gem today!

I have been using OneNote for a couple of years and to be very honest, I don’t know how I managed many of the processes, notes, and data storage before OneNote.

For example, in OneNote, I have templates for commonly used data collection including:

  • New Customer Profiles
  • Bookkeeping Evaluation Form
  • QuickBooks Training Checklist
  • Training Seminar ChecklistNewCustomerProfilePurple
  • Daily Time and Priority Sheet
  • Daily Marketing Mix Formula
  • Current Status/Communication Log Template

Prior to OneNote, each document was kept in its own folder on my computer.    I had to search each folder to find my file.

OneNote is so easy!

Now, my documents are quickly available with just one click.     I have all my clients in one notebook section, with each client having its own section and in each section, many pages.   I have all my products in my notebook, alphabetically organized by section.   I use OneNote for everything from my grocery list, to my medical records (they can be password protected),  my company mission statement to my daily productivity plan.  As an author, I even have my books, which I’m in the process of writing, in a notebook, complete with an automatic Table of Contents, thanks to the perfect OneNote add-in:

Gem for OneNoteGem

Two of my favorite features of Gem (and there are over 70 features!) are the ability to sort sections & pages and the Table of Content creator.   These two features alone make it worth the low price of only $23, but the other features including merging, highlighting same text, inserting calendar, sending a table to Excel or a page to Word,  plus a whole lot more, make this Add-in an invaluable tool for OneNote users.

To order and download your Gem for OneNote today… click on the Gem Tabs below.     $23 and worth every one!


Here is the complete list of Gem for OneNote features:

Gem Tab -Gem Tab include OneNote File, Notebook and Section features.

Top New Page For the new page , OneNote 2010 already has strong features , such as :  New page , New indented page ,  New page from template.

Using New Page to create a new page in a section. when greater than 20, 30 pages in a section  , we have to using the scroll bar to view the new page .

Top new page function to solve the problem , it will create a page, and put it on the section.

Move Page To Top – If a page is important, you can move the page to the section top.

Open Notebooks – When you move your Notebooks to another computer, you currently have to  open them one by one in the new OneNote application.

With this feature, you can open the notebooks by one click.

Open a Folder as Notebook

Open Notebook by Link

Open Folders – Open current notebook folder, default save notebook folder, backup folder, cache folder.

Count current notebook, current section, current page.

Copy Last BackupCopy OneNote latest backup file, and file name without date format

 Table of Contents Pages

Create a New Page for Table of Contents Page.

1. When select one page, this feature will create table of contents page with all page in current section.

2. When select more than one pages, this feature will create table of contents page with selected pages.

Sort Sections and Pages

Section sort – The sections for quite some , sorting can speed up browsing.

Sort by string  Sort sections by ascending or descending order

Sort by time  Sort sections by section established time

Page sorter

When the pages for quite some ,  sorting and speed up the page browsing

Sort by string Sort by title can quickly find the page

Sort by time According to page set-up time for sorting

Sorting by time page  This function can be restored to OneNote default sort mode.

List Inserted and Media files

List Inserted Files

When there are some sections in a notebook ,  it’s difficult to found out he Inserted Files.

This feature lists all Inserted Files in a Notebook , and double-click to jump of the Inserted Files location.

List media files

As with the list Inserted files , this feature key is a list of media embedded files.

Merge Pages

Merge the selected page into the specified page , and optional are deleted after the merge.

Edit Tab

Edit tab include features to find, replace, select, insert, remove, sort, copy in current page.

Find and Replace

Simple find and replace in current page with option case sensitive.


Lists the current page heading ,using indented to list heading  1 – heading  6

Table Of Contents

Create table of contents headings on top of one page.

Copy plain text to clipboard

Some software (like QQ) treat the OneNote copy command as images format to clipboard, and can’t paste as text what we want. This feature will copy only plain text to clipboard.

Highlight Text

Selected a Word, and Click “Highlight Text” will highlight all word same as selected word in current page.

Select Images

If images so much in one page, we difficult to select all images at once, this feature will help you.

Insert Web Image

This feature use to insert image from internet.

Insert Calendar Insert a month editable calendar.

Horizontal Line insert a horizontal line into current position.

Sort Bullets and Numbering

1.    Sort bullets by A-Z

2.    Sort bullets by Z-A

1.    Sort numbering by A-Z

2.    Sort numbering by Z-A

Click on one bullets in OneNote, choose a sort type, it will sort the bullets in the clicked level.

Object Tab – Object tab operated the Page Object, like Outline, Printout, Table, Hyperlink, Attach file.

Outline – Outline cut and paste

Use to merge outline,  like normal cut and paste, select a outline to cut, and then select another outline to paste into. it will adjust the all outline position to fit the new height.

Align all outline to the left

We are writing in OneNote, sometimes use multiple Outlines, but difficult to move to align them. With this feature, you can align them by one click.

Resize a Printout

Resize a printout by percent, 50%, 60%, 75%, 80%.

Rearranging printout

If the printouts in page arranged chaos , through the feature reorder.


Insert Wiki Link by Copy and Paste

Use copy and paste to build WIKI link ( link to Notebook, Section and Page ).

Remove All Hyperlinks in Page

Remove all hyperlinks in current page.

Table Formula

Support many table functions: Add, Subtract, Average, Count, Sum, Max, Min.

Select Tables

Table cut and paste

This couple feature, use to merge two table in an OneNote Page.

Table Sort

1. Sort table column by Alphabetical A – Z

2. Sort table column by Alphabetical Z – A

3. Sort table column by number 0 – 9

4. Sort table column by number 9 – 0

Select a cell, and choose a table sort type to sort table by column.

Table distribute columns

Use this feature to distribute a table columns.

Split Table

Split table to 2 from selected row.

Convert Table to Text

Convert table to text with customize separator.

Cooperation Tab

Cooperation tab include internet, intranet, live sky-drive, share, cooperation with teammate features, integrate with other application.

If you use multiple live id to share OneNote, sometimes when you want to change live id in OneNote, you will find OneNote always use the old live id.

After click this feature, and you try logout again (click “Not … ?” in File/Open), and retry login again.

Danger Size Alarm

List all notebooks in sky-drive, and show the notebooks size.

1. Blue icon, notebook normal size

2. Yellow icon, notebook alarm size

3. Red icon, notebook size beyond the limit. ( This will cause  synchronization error )


Selected by Author

If you take notes with your teammate, and the page will display all authors.

If you want to pick an authors notes, use this feature will selected all notes by the author

Clean Authors

If you take notes with your teammate, and the page will display all authors.

With this feature will clean all author’s information.

Table to Excel – Send selected table to Excel.

Edit Table by Excel

Edit selected table in OneNote Gem – Excel Editor (Detail), and click the top left “GEM” button, will save the result.

Insert Icons – Insert some favorite icons to OneNote Page.

To order and download your Gem for OneNote today… click on the Gem Tabs below.     $23 and worth every one!


The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is laid out just like this notebook:
The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote

The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote

Inside each notebook are Sections.
The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote Section

The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote Section

In each section you have pages.
The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote Pages

The Basic Layout of Microsoft OneNote Pages

Microsoft OneNote is like having an unlimited number of notebooks available with virtually unlimited number of sections and pages.

You can write anything on the page you want, just like a paper notebook…. only better.   In the OneNote notebook, you can:

  • link any of your words or pictures to another place in one of your other notebooks
  • link any of your words or pictures to a website
  • link any of your words or pictures to a document
  • search for any word in all of your notebooks at one time
  • tag important things and search those tags
  • open and close notebooks
  • save pages, sections or notebooks in other formats such as word, pdf or even online documents
  • e-mail a page inside the body, as an attachment, or as a pdf
  • you can send the page to word or a blog
  • change your text with the same formatting tools used in Word and Excel
  • record audio or video from within OneNote
  • insert timestamps
  • insert symbols
  • draw or doodle
  • Translate into other languages.      Dịch sang ngôn ngữ khác.     Traducir a otros idiomas.
  • insert instant templates for meeting notes, to do lists, more
  • create your own templates
  • create marketing materials such as this coupon:
Sample OneNote Coupon

Sample OneNote Coupon

  • the list is endless…

Check your computer today to see if you already have OneNote on it (it comes with many of the Microsoft Office packages).    

If not, purchase OneNote today and start organizing your life and your business!   

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