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OneNote Resources and Resources for OneNote

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So you already use OneNote and want more.  More templates, plug-ins, add-ins and applications for OneNote. Here are the resources I frequently use.


Microsoft Office Blogs

Microsoft has provided one website to access all blogs for all Microsoft Products. I selected which products I used, then added the filtered RSS feed to my Outlook. This is a quick and convenient way to get up-to-date information on features to try, great articles to share and



Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote

I use this add-in on a daily basis.  Onetastic has fantastic features to escalate your experience using OneNote including Macros (my favorite), OneCalendar, Image Utilities, Custom Styles and Favorites.

From Macroland, you choose which macro to download and install into your OneNote 2010 or 2013 desktop application.

These are the macros I install and use all the time. They appear on your Home tab.


I use sort almost daily to help keep my pages, sections and notebooks organized.  Each macro has a description of the function that appears when you hover over the feature.









Gem for OneNote

Gem for OneNote is similar to Onetastic but does have dozens of additional features such as counts for paragraphs, pages, sections and notebooks, inserting web cam images and Change Case options.

Gem creates additional tabs in OneNote: GEM, EDIT, OBJECT, LINK, COOPERATION

For only $33, this Add-In is definitely a great value.



Marjolein Hoekstra has put together an amazing collaborative notebook that can be viewed for its valuable resources, tips and tricks for using OneNote.

OneNote Community Notebook


OneNote: Getting Started – this is an introduction to Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote Made Simple training videos – this nine video set includes comprehensive instruction on using most all the features within OneNote.

As OneNote becomes more and more popular and used by businesses, schools and individuals, watch for more great tools to be developed.



First Ever Global OneNote Conference

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Microsoft OneNote is a software application that offers much more than note-taking capabilities.

OneNote can help you organize and get control of your business.  Everything your company and your team needs can be kept in OneNote, always at your fingertips.

Hundreds of teachers use OneNote in their classrooms for interactive learning, lesson planning, class assignments, and student involvement.

It doesn’t stop there.  OneNote can be utilized for every aspect of your personal life too. From holiday planning to medical records, OneNote is the most time-saving productivity tool available anywhere.

If you’re new and  want to learn how to use the features of OneNote or are a OneNote guru that wants to go deeper and learn about new applications for OneNote, you don’t want to miss the Learn OneNote Conference (<-mouse over for link).

Join myself (Sandy Morgan) and over 20 other speakers from around the world for this amazing, one of a kind, global OneNote conference.



Topics include:

  • Introduction to OneNote
  • Get Familiar with OneNote
  • OneNote Resources & Recommendations
  • Powerful OneNote Features
  • Viewing Options and Workflow
  • Live Objects within OneNote
  • Ultimate Productivity with OneNote, Tablet, and Stylus
  • Journaling and Weekly Planning with OneNote
  • Documentary of How to Use OneNote in Everyday Life
  • OneNote with Office Lens and Camscanner
  • Client and Prospect Management with OneNote
  • Replace the 3-Ring Binder – File Management
  • OneNote with Outlook and SharePoint
  • Intro to OneNote Class Notebook
  • From Humble Beginnings, OneNote Can Do it All
  • How Teachers Can Use OneNote Class Notebooks
  • Lesson Planning with OneNote
  • Hacking OneNote
  • Effective Student Feedback with OneNote
  • Teaching Math with OneNote
  • The Future of OneNote in Education

Jared DeCamp, a OneNote fan, is the founder and host of the Learn OneNote Conference which runs from November 12 -17, 2016.

The conference will be hosted online and attendees have free access to watch some or all of the video topics during the conference dates.  Optional Lifetime Access passes will be offered after the conference.

Don’t miss this opportunity to organize your life – one page at a time!